From times immemorial, when the Moon looked like lemon sorbet, people could do wonders and believed in Nature's mystery.

They tamed animals, understood the whisper of the vast sea and learned to take the bounty from the earth and mountains, returning their care and love.

The Kipchakskie ® genuinely believe that the modern world can exist side by side with magic. Therefore they cherish the heritage of their great national culture and refresh it with new interpretation.


The wisdom of the ages reads: people need simple and healthy food to nourish their body and soul. Over the centuries our ancestors took the best from the earth and water, from animals and birds, from steppes and mountains.

Following the old traditions, the KIPCHAKSKIE use only natural ingredients: crystal clear water, flour, and aromatic field honey.

We do it the same way our as ancestors did, and our food nourishes the body and the soul.

The unforgettable taste of authentic food and the benefits of steppe cooking for you!


Chak-Chak in a souvenir box

Chak-Chak in a souvenir box

Chak-Chak is a sweet product of tricky brains and real magic.

In old times people rolled small serpentines from dough, cut them to equal length, fried them in simmering oil and plunged them in honey so that the smell spread all over the vicinity. In the evening they made tea from steppe herbs and sat down to table.

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OOO Maksyutov Brothers’ Manufatury

6a, Volochaevskaya street, Sterlitamak
The republic of Bshkortostan, Russia

Internal calls: +8 800 775 2751
International calls: +7 499 372 2751


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